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The IMOBRISA Quality


IMOBRISA are passionately committed to provide the best investment opportunities available matching your specific requirements. We base our business philosophy on providing superior quality, from the first quality building materials we use,  to our highly professional technical and customer service teams.

We believe we have a duty to deliver the best properties we can to justify the trust you have given to us

All our Cape Verde Properties are designed and built with this business philosophy and superior building quality, which highly distinguish IMOBRISA from the mass - and make its established reputation.

We value transparency and our completed properties and awards are all there to confirm the high-standard finish of our products. Clients can touch, try and feel before they buy secure in the knowledge they have purchased from a trustworthy developer.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain in detail IMOBRISA’’s concept of Quality and why it’s such an essential component of our business philosophy by focusing on the 3 elements below:

- Superior Building Quality with European Quality building materials
- Quality of Lifestyle
- Quality of Service

These 3 elements are the symbols of the IMOBRISA signature on our properties.
This is what effectively distinguishes IMOBRISA properties from the mass, and make them stand out, securing your investment’s value, whatever happens on the property market as it creates higher desire and thus higher demand.

















{Place in the Sun production team with Cheryl Baker, inside Raio Do Sol}


The development process

We choose and buy the plot of land (always focusing on the best positions). We then use European award winning architects to make the architectural projects, with our customers’ needs in mind, and with a focus on quality lifestyle, in order to create properties which feel like a Home.

Our developments are built by local building teams, specifically trained and supervised by our own in-house Technical team, and contractually obliged to work accordingly to our specific high-quality standards. We work only with the best, and further train them to use the innovations we introduce in Cape Verde, as pioneers. 

These local teams are now aware of our high standards and now have the greater level of expertise that IMOBRISA require, which enable us to constantly improve our quality of construction

Innovative and unique solutions

2007 IGLU Dampproof system,









2008 Phonostop soundproof,













2009 Anti breaking Windows.










To ensure the high standards are maintained, IMOBRISA import the majority of the building materials from reliable suppliers in Italy (IGLU system for damp-proof course / DPC foundation, Phonostop soundproof system, tiles, doors, windows, electric and plumbing material, bathroom and kitchen fittings, air-conditioning, lighting, water pumps, and furniture). These materials are of European standard and have associated guarantees.
In terms of logistics, we have an office in Verona (Italy), to manage this part of the business more efficiently.

IMOBRISA ‘s building quality in pictures

IMOBRISA are proud of our achievements of over 18 completed projects, please see further evidence of the IMOBRISA Building quality, all pictures are of course true images of our building sites (all pictures coming soon).









































































IMOBRISA use European standard materials that add value to your investment and raise the standard of construction in Cape Verde

• Exclusive to IMOBRISA IGLU Damp Proof System: Protect your property against radon gas, water and salt infiltration, thus avoiding paint peel, humidity smell and future health problem. This means less maintenance costs (you don’t have to re-paint every 6 months to cover damage!) and no complaints from tenants regarding smell as the result of humidity in the building.

• EU certified and guaranteed windows, anti-breaking, double glazed (to keep out solar heat and reduce air conditioning wastage) solid wood windows, Air, water, and wind tested (3 times more expensive than what is currently available in Cape Verde!) (Introduced on properties from 2008)

• Phonostop, Insulation, essential sound proofing throughout the building thus creating a higher quality living environment.(since 2008)

• Full Air Conditioning installation throughout bedrooms and living areas. (since 2008)

Approximate  added value of those UNIQUE  IMOBRISA features : min. of 23,500€ per apartment

These are only a few example of our IMOBRISA quality and standard, but from it you can imagine the care and attention we give to  all details of our developments.  




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