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Cape Verde Information

IMOBRISA through our unrivalled experience have researched extensively the best development locations and have chosen the Islands of Sal, Sao Vicente and San Antao because combined they offer the most varied and rewarding investment opportunities based on capital gain, rental potential and value for money!


Cape Verde Santa Maria beach Cape Verde Santa Maria fish
Cape Verde Santa Maria Windsurf Cape Verde Santa Maria Ponta Preta beach

Lifestyle in Sal revolves around the beautiful bay of Santa Maria, with its glorious white sandy beach, clear turquoise waters, inviting you to dive in to.

Sal is a paradise for water sports, the world windsurfing competition has been held in Sal since 2007. Josh Angulo ex world champion, representing Cape Verde won the event in 2009. Mitu Monteiro become World Kite Boarding Champion in 2008.

Did you know that Sal already has a booming tourist industry, Sal accounts for over 70% of all tourism in the Cape Verde islands? Direct flights arrive from the UK, Scandinavia, USA, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.

World renowned tour operators such as the Hilton and RIU are investing in Sal find out why by now downloading our FREE valuable buyers guide.

IMOBRISA are currently offering fantastic opportunities throughout Santa Maria, from prime located central positions ideal for commercial and holiday rental to beautiful front line, sea view opportunities within the sought after European residential area.

Cape Verde Property Tropical ResortTropical Resort a fantastic 5 star holiday resort complex within the Resort and hotel area, only 340 m to the most beautiful beach and close to central Santa Maria, we are also offering a choice of apartments and hotel suites with guaranteed rental.

We have some exciting plans in development for this island.
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Sao Vicente is the cultural heart beat of the Cape Verde islands, Mindelo is the cosmopolitan capital, and the beautiful Bay is a stunning backdrop with a fantastic carnival, music festival, and street parties which rival the best in the world.

Cape Verde Sao Vicente Mindelo Cafe

Cape Verde Sao Vicente Mindelo Bay

Cap Verde Sao Vicente Praia Grande

Cape Verde Sao Vicente Carnaval Mindelo

The charming colonial buildings, cobbled streets, numerous cafés and restaurants as well as great night-life make it an exciting place to visit.

Did you know there was a British coal station in Mindelo during the times of steam navigation? The British influence can be seen in the old mud based golf course and the colonial architecture.

Cape Verde Villas Sao Vicente

Cape Verde Villas Sao Vicente

IMOBRISA are currently developing several projects on this island; in the historical quarter of lively Mindelo we are planning, attractive opportunities in central Mindelo and in the beautiful bay of Calhau, Viana Ocean Club a sun drenched sea-side luxury development and Pedra Branca a new exclusive front line project of 10 villas.

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Santo Antao is an island of contrasts, from the barren and stark landscape in the south to the fertile north divided by a dramatic and awe inspiring mountain range.

The scenery is quite simply breathtaking and if you like the idea of a get away from it all destination, somewhere unique, a place to forget yourself and admire the wonder of nature then look no further. The drive from Porto Novo to Paul is a truly magical and is an opportunity not to be missed during any visit to Cape Verde.

Cape Verde Santo Antao Cape Verde Santo ANtao
Cape Verde Santo Antao Cape Verde Santo Antao

Santo Antao is seen as an island with fantastic long term potential especially in the sector of mountain tourism. The magnificence of its mountains and cliffs cast a magical spell, a true jewel of potential.

IMOBRISA are developing a unique resort in the heart of the most beautiful valley of San Antao, close to Paul. Jacaranda Lodges comes with a fantastic guranteed rental package and will offer the opportunity of peaceful and relaxed living within a luxurious chalet in beautiful mountain surroundings.

Cape Verde Santo Antao









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General Information

The rectangle of the flag is seen as a large blue field symbolizing the infinite space of the sea and sky.
The ten yellow stars represent the 10 islands.
Cape Verde Flag
The circle of the stars symbolizes the Cape Verdean Nation and its unity.
The circle in a certain sense is the world to which we are opened and that is opened to us; is the line of horizon which limits our freedom, that is the world map, but is also the mariner’s compass and the helm of the navigators.
The strips are the road to the construction of the country.
The blue is the sea and the sky.
The white is the peace we want.
The red is our effort
{Cape Verde Flag}


Cape Verde ISlands Map



Cape Verde is a group of ten Islands in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean situated 450km of the coast of West Africa, south of the Canary Islands.

The archipelago includes 10 islands and 5 islets, divided into the windward (Barlavento) and leeward (Sotavento) groups.








Cape Verde temperatures average between 22-27 degrees, warm and dry all year round.

Cape Verde Weather








Cape Verde - History - Amilcar CabralDiscovered by Portuguese explorers around 1460, Cape Verde due to its privileged location became a trading centre for African slaves and later an important coaling and re-supply stop for whaling and transatlantic shipping.

Cape Verde became independent from Portugal in 1975 and is a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy with continued economic growth.

{Amilcar Cabral}


Cape Verde - languageLanguage

The official language of the islands is Portuguese, which is the official written language, however Creole is used as the spoken language. Creole is based on African languages but with additions from several European languages

English, French and Italian are widely spoken in the tourist areas

{Local Fruit sellers}




Traditional music is very popular on the islands and an important part of everyday life.  Its roots are in Portugal, Brazil and Africa. The most famous Cape Verdian singer is Cesaria Evora known as ‘the barefoot diva’ Music critics hail her as the best performer of Morna, a genre often compared to blues and widely considered the national music of Cape Verde.



Food & Drink

Cachupa is a great national dish and is the most famous dish from Cape Verde. Cachupa is a corn based meal that you can add anything to. Most poeple add different vegetables and meats (primarily pork). It generally has the consistency of a stew.
Cape Verde Restaurant

Cape Verde has a huge variety of fresh fish such as tuna, wahoo and garoupa, tropical fruits such as papaya, mango and bananas are also available.
Cape Verde’s most famous beverage is the local Grogue, locally produced from distilled sugar cane, production mainly comes from the island of San Antao and Santiago
The local beer is called Strella, red and white wine is produced on the island of Fogo under the Cha brand, Coffee is also produced.

{Chez Pastis Restaurant}


Cape Verde Economy

Cape Verde - escudosCape Verde has few natural resources and the economy is dominated by services, such as light industry, agriculture, fishing and especially tourism.
Tourism has increased dramatically during the last five years, with direct flights from the UK and other major European countries.
Cape Verde has close economic and political ties to the European Union, and its currency is pegged to the euro
In 2007 Cape Verde was upgraded from the least developed country to medium developed country and in 2008 became the 153rd member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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