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Agatha and Trevor from London
Property: Meridiana

It was lovely to see you again and thank you very much for showing us the property; for answering our questions; providing valuable advice and taking us to a new furniture shop.

We greatly appreciate your guidance and help.

Property: Tropical Resort

Our Youngest Happy Customer!

Linda Lennon
Property: Tropical Resort

We have no regrets choosing you guys everything is as you said and it looks fantastic and it not even finished. The furniture looks amazing; the director who shows us around really looked after us and was very informative.

So far so good

Nicholas Benady
Property: Villa in Viana Ocean Club, Calhau, Sao Vicente

Great images guys, it has really made my day, the villa looks wonderful and great eye for detail I wish we could move in tomorrow.
A big well done to the whole team it really is looking good and very special, I'm very impressed, a grand job and do keep up the good work. Thanks and I hope your all keeping well Best wishes Nicholas"

Andy Moore
Property: Tropical Resort

"I have found the communication between your company and myself to be excellent,
Both yourself and Mimi have kept me up to date at reqular intervals more that what i would have expected!!! Who ever is complaining ask them to buy something else. I wish my solicitor would keep me up to date as you have!!! he only takes money off me."

Property: Polaris

“ We were looking for something Abroad, a place in the sun, very close - with no jet lag - no diseases – no dangerous beasts…, and not too big so we don’t need to worry about it. We wanted to start small and we bought off plan .
We came in the office and we saw Mimi; she gave us a good feeling, and we felt secure. We had a good vibe. As we do a lot on trustworthy feeling and as it was a small investment, we thought it was worth the “risk”. For the context, a lot of person in Belgium were deceived with the property market abroad. So they tend to be careful now.
We now came back twice since we bought, when we saw the property completed we were pleasantly surprise.
Everything that Mimi and Gianni explained to us was true. So that’s positive.
It was also very important for us that the property have a “home feeling”. And that’s the case.
We like the residential area, it not far from the town and it is quiet up there, it has a good feeling.”

Philip K.
Property: Tropical Resort

I just wanted to say thanks for the information (referring to the information sent by Aftersales on the IGLU system), I found it interesting. Taking the time to write and explain things like that is very much appreciated.
I have three projects on the go at the moment with three different developers and it is quite a learning curve I can tell you! I am gathering much respect for IMOBRISA as time goes buy and am more than likely to reinvest in a few years.
It is things like that, that make the difference.
Hope all is well with you
All the best"

"I must say again the Imobrisa team are so helpful and informative, thanks again for keeping us so up to date.
Also a particular thanks to Tracey for the help she gave on our last trip."


Dear Customers,

Many of you express that you are very satisfied and happy with your investment with IMOBRISA. This feedback is very much appreciated and is of great value to us: it helps us better understand why you chose us, what you liked, and further improve our products and services.

This "Testimonials section" gives us the opportunity to share your experience “live”, here directly on the website, where your opinion will be of great help to other customers...

So, if you are happy with our Products & Services, and are willing to share your opinion about your experience with IMOBRISA, please do so and send us your thoughts now!

Here are a few guidelines:

1) First, please provide your name, and if you are comfortable with that, what property you bought from IMOBRISA, and maybe when.
The more details you provide, the more credibility your testimony will have: about you, maybe what you were looking for, what your objectives were, maybe also how you financed: any elements of your experience you would like to share...

2) If you are comfortable with that, you can also provide us with a picture from you: this also gives more value to the testimony, but this is not an obligation at all. An alternative would be to put a picture of your property, even limited to the exterior (we can provide it).
Please let us know if that's possible or not.

3) Please try to be specific in your comments.
Sometimes, you don't really know what to write. But it's just about simply telling a little bit your story, in your own words.
Here are a few suggestions:

- What were your perceptions before you bought a property from IMOBRISA? Were you reluctant in any way?

- Why did you choose IMOBRISA?

- What did we provide that you valued most?
It can refer to the way we responded to your needs during the buying process; or when it came to signing the contract; or during the construction process; your opinion can be more related to the property, or to the service we provided...

- What would you tell others who are considering buying their property from IMOBRISA?

Please then send your testimony to either Mimi or Ana (contact details in the Contact page). Thank you.

By the way, we are also looking for Case Studies for the website, and Overseas Property Magazines, such as A Place in the Sun, or Homes Overseas. If you are interested, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and would like to thank you in advance for your participation.
And we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback.

Kindest regards from our sunny Cape Verde Islands :-) !

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